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Zipato Zipabox 2
  • Zipato Zipabox 2

Zipato Zipabox 2

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Zipato Zipabox 2


Product information "Zipato Zipabox 2"

The Zipabox2 by Zipato is a very flexible smart home gateway. Factory-made, it does not have a wireless technology, but thanks to its modular expansion capability it can be extended with additional smart home technologies such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, EnOcean, 433MHz and KNX. All extension modules are available separately and can be connected to the Zipabox via snap-in connection.

The Zipabox2 has an easy to use but powerful web-based user interface which allows to monitor all connected devices and automation rules, created with the ‘Zipato Rule Creator’. The intuitive graphical user interface allows to create own scenes and rules without programming skills.

Once configured, the gateway will work independent, but allows cloud support for advanced monitoring, messaging and programming services. 


  • Flexible extendable smart home gateway
  • Extension with further smart home technologies and functions
  • Manages devices, automation rules and energy consumption in Z-Wave networks
  • Easy to use but versatile user interface
  • Free mobile app for smartphone and tablet
  • Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz


  • Zipato 433 MHz Extension Module
  • Zipato ZigBee Extension Module
  • Zipato EnOcean Extension Module
  • Zipato KNX Extension Module
  • Zipato Seriell Extension Module
  • Zipato P1 Extension Module (ZIPEP1)
  • Zipato Backup Extension Module
  • Zipato Security Extension Module
  • Zipato Power Measurement Extension Module

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